BOSTON—The sidewalk, once charred and stained with blood, was long ago replaced with fresh concrete. The blasted-out storefronts have been rebuilt. Along Boylston Street, one of the busiest shopping stretches in town, the only physical reminder of the two bombs detonated here during the April 2013 Boston Marathon is a small, wooden sign leaning against a tree near the site of the first blast bearing the names of those killed.

“We will never forget,” it reads.

Not that people here ever could. Nearly two years after the attacks, which paralyzed the city and shocked the world, many in Boston are still recovering from the bombs which killed three people and injured nearly 300, including 16 who lost limbs. Now the city is preparing to relive the gruesome horror all over again.

Jury selection is scheduled to begin Monday for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the 21-year-old surviving suspect in the attacks. He is accused of plotting and carrying out the twin bombings along with his older brother, Tamerlan, who was killed during a confrontation with police four days after the attacks. The brothers are also accused of shooting and killing a Massachusetts Institute of Technology police officer while on the run from the authorities. Tsarnaev, who has pleaded not guilty, faces the death penalty if convicted.

Written by Holly Bailey- Yahoo News
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