Gay pride” is now the de facto state religion in America.

If you even think homosexuality, lesbianism and “transgenderism” might be sinful, you are a modern-day heretic – worthy of scorn, ridicule, fines, abuse, even loss of your business or job.

Bible-believing wedding cake bakers, photographers, videographers, florists and caterers have all faced lawsuits and government coercion to participate in same-sex marriage celebrations.

And now, the Rhode Island Supreme Court has joined the witch hunt against Christians who take their Scriptures and faith seriously by throwing out lawsuits brought by two Providence firefighters who said their constitutional rights were violated when they were ordered to drive a truck in a gay pride parade despite their religious objections.

The firefighters, Theodore Fabrizio and Stephen Deninno, argued that they are Roman Catholics and, therefore, do not and cannot support or condone homosexuality.

Seemed like a reasonable request given the First Amendment.

Not so, ruled Justice William Robinson, writing for all five members of the state high court in December. He wrote that the men appeared in the 2001 parade as public servants who were “relatively anonymous.” He called it a legitimate work assignment.

A couple questions come to mind:

How does “relative anonymity” excuse the coercion of people to violate their religious convictions?

How is attendance and participation in a “gay pride” parade a legitimate work assignment for a firefighter?

But these are the kinds of questions one cannot ask in the present state-enforced religious orthodoxy that goes something like this: “Gay is good. Thou shalt not allow your medieval prejudices based on misreading and misinterpreting of ancient myths to inhibit the forced celebration of all things gay.”

Do I have that about right?

This is another rather stunning ruling that places enforcement of the radically new secular humanist pro-gay ethos above the tenets of Christianity and Judaism, not to mention the heartfelt religious convictions of individuals.

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