We are creatures of habit and when things go wrong we play the blame game, whether it be directed to ourselves or others. The coming year will be shaped by an increased sense of personal responsibility and rising numbers of people divided on critical issues related to our food supply, our water, our medicine, our health and the planet itself.

All nations on Earth are now living in the times of change and accelerated chaos. Nothing is the same any more. The past few years alone have been a thorn in the side of Mr and Mrs. Consistency. In fact, the only thing that has been consistent is change. As each year passes, we see a greater contrast in shorter period of time.

Those who want change are putting their neck out and standing up for what they believe in. Others are satisfied with following the blind. Some claim the difference is being awakened while others suggest it’s just our time for a major shift to shake what we believe to be normal.

The greatest divisions to separate our species are unfolding at this very moment and the trends that have defined the landscapes of societal values, political will and moral education are being challenged at unprecedented levels. Here are 5 trends that will intensify next year.

1) People Eating For Health Rather Than Fads

More people will begin eating for their health and not necessarily choosing a dietary strategy based on a moral decision. That means diet fads will eventually become obsolete as people become ultra informed on making decisions that best suit their metabolic type. The future of nutrition will be based on eating to “fuel” our body’s cells and our engines of metabolism. As more people migrate to the foods that align with their own body, rather than a perceived ideal of what we “should” eat, we will see a growing contingency of healthy eaters who select foods based on the best possible choices for individualized nutrition. This means there will be two types of people moving forward: those who cannot move past their own ideology; and those that will. For those that will, it will mean a lesser extent of arguments, debates and anger directed towards specific dietary choices, regardless of whether somebody chooses vegan, raw, vegetarian, paleo, Mediterranean, junk food, etc. It won’t matter as much as it used to. More people will be concerned about the purity of our food and water supply, the banning of GMOs, agricultural practices and so many other issues that will bind groups together towards a common goal. For those who cannot move past their dietary ideologies and accept those of others, they will detach from this growing contingency and unfortunately be left in the minority.

2) People Standing Against Toxins In Our Food

Growing numbers are also now uniformly rejecting toxic additives in our food supply. As the evidence continues to mount against artificial flavors/colors, enriched wheat, hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, canola oil, aspartame and the abundance of other harmful preservatives, emulsifiers and artificial sweeteners, the public perception of food production is changing. We are on the precipice of discovering what our toxic food industry has done to our bodies and our environment. What used to be acceptable is no longer acceptable and people are speaking up. There is a heightened awareness and a sense of caution on the minds of most grocery shoppers. The length of time spent reading ingredient labels in between aisles has increased exponentially in the last decade.

Written by: MARCO TORRES & MICHAEL FORRESTER | Prevent Disease


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