Faced with political division regarded by some as worse than at any time since the Civil War, a broken economy, unprecedented national debt, abuse of executive power, an out-of-control judiciary and collapsing public morals, American voters overwhelmingly backed the Republican Party in the midterm elections, clearly signaling a desire to return to the nation’s founding principles.

Yet before the new Congress could even be seated – with the largest GOP House majority in 70 years and a new Senate majority – Republicans conceded to Democrat desires and passed a $1.1 trillion spending bill, forgoing opportunities to shut down President Obama’s executive amnesty and curb Obamacare.


House Speaker John Boehner

That “betrayal,” as many conservative activists have called it, is the No. 1 underreported story of 2014, as selected by the WND editors with the help of the news site’s readers.

At the end of each year, many news organizations typically present their retrospective replays of what they consider to have been the top news stories of the previous 12 months. WND’s editors, however, long have considered it more newsworthy to publicize the most underreported or unreported news events of the year.

WND Editor and CEO Joseph Farah has sponsored “Operation Spike” every year since 1988, and since founding WND in May 1997, has continued the annual tradition.

Here are the 2014 picks:

1. Republican betrayal of midterm voters

For longtime conservative activist Richard Viguerie, the Republican congressional leadership’s budget deal with President Obama after historic GOP gains in the 2014 midterm elections was nothing short of a monumental betrayal.

“I don’t know any other way to say it than that they lied to the American voters,” Viguerie told WND.

A conservative leader for more than 50 years, he often is called the movement’s “funding father” because of his innovative work with direct mail fundraising.


“The first impression they made was to betray the voters, betray their landslide victory and surrender,” Viguerie said. “They just absolutely surrendered to an exceedingly unpopular president; so, shame on them.”

In response, more than half-a-million Americans have joined a WND campaign to urge GOP members of the House to replace Speaker John Boehner

A letter from each participant in the campaign will go to each Republican member stating that two issues have “prompted Americans to turn in droves to the Republican Party in November 2014.”

The issues were Obama’s “blatantly unconstitutional executive action to provide amnesty to millions of illegal aliens, and the deliberately deceptive restructuring of America’s health-care system through Obamacare, which threatens to unravel the greatest health delivery system in the world.”

2. Obamacare lies

By the time videos of the candid admissions of Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber surfaced, it already was clear to many Americans that Obama wasn’t truthful when he promised they could keep their doctor, they could keep their health-care policy, their costs would go down $2,500 a year and the annual deficit and the overall debt would drop.

Now, here was the mind behind the Affordable Health Care Act admitting not only that Obama’s declared promises weren’t true but that the crafters of the law knew that the only way the bill could pass would be to mask its features and hide the true intent of its authors.


Jonathan Gruber

Despite previous praise of Gruber as the architect of their plan, Obama and fellow Democrats desperately tried to distance themselves from him after the video excerpts were exposed, dismissing him as someone who “never worked on our staff.”

Obama suggested he barely knew Gruber, but a PBS interview shows Gruber revealing the president was present in sessions in which deception was discussed as a political tool.

When Gruber was called to testify before a House panel in December, Democrats scheduled a press conference at the same time to unveil a highly partisan report of “torture” by the CIA during the George W. Bush administration.

And when establishment media reported Gruber’s testimony, the focus was on his apology for calling Americans “stupid,” as if that were the real offense.

Largely lost in the coverage was the fact that Gruber’s “glib” talk, as he put it to the House panel, made it clear that a small group of highly educated elitists believe it’s necessary to deceive the people, because the people would foolishly reject what’s good for them. The elitists, in their minds, only want the best for the country, and, some day, the people may come to realize the brilliance of their plan and thank them for benevolently rescuing them from their ignorance.


In the first of at least seven videos that surfaced in 2014, Gruber admitted Obamacare “was written in a tortured way to make sure CBO did not score the mandate as taxes” and declared “lack of transparency is a huge political advantage.”

“Basically you know call it the stupidity of the American voter, or whatever, that was really, really critical to get the thing to pass,” he said.

Just before the New Year, an October 2009 policy brief by Gruber was unearthed in which he admitted the Affordable Care Act would definitely not be affordable. Produced while he was writing the bill and while Obama was declaring premiums would drop dramatically, the brief said Obamacare had no cost controls in it.

Talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh, meanwhile, saw a major lie at the heart of Obamacare that had gained little notice.

He pointed to a Gallup poll that found 70 percent of Americans “remain generally positive about the quality of health care they personally receive, their health-care coverage and what they pay for health care.”


That means, Limbaugh explained, that the stated reason for Obamacare – the claim that the whole health-care system is broken and unfixable – was wrong.

“Everybody’s been sold a bill of goods,” he said. “Most people are and have been very happy with the current health-care system.”

His brother, WND columnist and author David Limbaugh, wrote that the lies undergirding Obamacare were chronicled years ago, noting that before the bill was passed in 2009, the chief actuary of the Medicare program estimated “14 million people would lose their employer coverage under Obamacare, even though many will want to keep it.”

Gruber’s glibness also exposed that fact that the purpose of the “Cadillac tax” on premium health insurance plans was to discourage employers from providing health insurance. The goal would be achieved, Gruber said, by “mislabeling it, calling it a tax on insurance plans rather than a tax on people, when we all know it’s a tax on people who hold those insurance plans.”

Obama had insisted, in a 2009 interview with ABC News, the individual mandate was not a tax. But in 2012, White House attorneys argued before the Supreme Court that it was tax, which was the only way it could comply with the U.S. Constitution.

WND columnist Jack Cashill recalled Rep. Joe Wilson, R-S.C., was widely reviled for shouting to Obama during the 2009 State of the Union address, “You Lie!” in reaction to the president’s declaration that his proposed health law would not insure illegal aliens.

Cashill noted Wilson “had to feel vindicated when a report surfaced in 2014 that 42 percent of new Medicaid signups were immigrants, legal and otherwise.”

3. President Obama’s sleight-of-hand to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens

Everyone knows that after repeatedly insisting he didn’t have the power to change immigration laws and effectively grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens, President Obama went ahead and signed executive orders doing just that.


Or did he? The reality, as first reported by WND senior staff reporter Jerome Corsi, is that Obama used a sleight-of-hand in an apparent attempt to avoid constitutional conflicts, ordering a series of memoranda instead, including a key memo by Department of Homeland Security Director Jeh Johnson.

Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., a leading opponent of Obama’s immigration policy, caught on to the president’s maneuvering, ridiculing the administration for not carrying out the action through an executive order.

“I guess they just whispered in the ear of Johnson over at Homeland Security, ‘Just put out a memo. That way we don’t have to enforce the law,’” Sessions said:

As a result of the president’s use of a memo instead of an official order, the senator observed: “We don’t even have a really significant, direct, legal direction that we can ascertain, precisely what the president is doing. It’s a stunning event in my view.”

Sessions believes the result was “the creation of a new, alternative immigration system” despite the fact the president “is not empowered to do that.”

He noted the president had publicly acknowledged more than 20 times in recent years that he did not have the constitutional authority to unilaterally implement amnesty. As the senator read excerpts of Obama’s own words, members of the audience laughed aloud at how much those words differed from the president’s actions.

The president should simply uphold the Constitution as it is, Sessions said, “not as he wishes it would be.”

4. President Obama’s ‘enemies list’

In 2013, the Obama administration drew heat for seizing two months of telephone records of reporters and editors at the Associated Press. Then came the revelation of extensive Obama Justice Department spying on Fox News reporter James Rosen, including tracking his movements and seizing two days of his personal emails.


Sharyl Attkisson

This year, an explosive new book by former CBS News reporter Sharyl Attikisson put more of the pieces together, presenting evidence that the Obama White House, not unlike the notorious Nixon administration, has an “enemies list” of reporters and activists who threaten its agenda.

Attkisson, who has filed a lawsuit against the Obama administration, said in an interview an internal email indicates “reporters who were working with leakers in government agencies or perceived as enemies of the White House are being targeted.”

Attkisson’s complaint alleges the Department of Justice and the White House monitored her because of her investigations into the Fast and Furious scandal.

In her book, “Stonewalled,” she said she obtained information from a government-linked source that the FBI, among other agencies, “had hacked into both her personal and work computers over a lengthy period of time.”

Attkisson, who has won an Emmy and the Edward R. Murrow award for investigative reporting, said both her CBS computer and personal iMac were repeatedly hacked and its files accessed, including one on Benghazi. She said “the interlopers were able to co-opt my iMac and operate it remotely, as if they were sitting in front of it.”

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