Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has blamed the United States for the plunge in oil prices, accusing it of waging a “war” against Russia and his South American nation in the global oil market.

“Did you know there’s an oil war? And the war has an objective: to destroy Russia,” Maduro said in a meeting with state businessmen broadcast live on state TV on Monday.

Relations between Moscow and Washington have been strained over the conflict in Ukraine. The US along with other Western governments accuses Russia of sending troops into eastern Ukraine in support of pro-Russia forces there, an allegation denied by the Kremlin.

“It’s a strategically planned war … also aimed at Venezuela, to try and destroy our revolution and cause an economic collapse,” Maduro noted.

Published on: PRESS TV


One thought on “Venezuelan president blames US for plunging oil prices”
  1. Since it is Venezuela, we should go ahead and take credit for it. However, the president, even as I type this, is probably issuing the apology to Venezuela and offering a few hundred million dollars in free money as a consideration.

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