Bodies of crash victims spotted floating in sea off coast of Borneo Island

At least three bodies recovered from the water by Indonesian naval vessel 

Officials have now confirmed wreckage is from AirAsia flight 8501 

Navy spokesman earlier claimed 40 bodies were retrieved from Java Sea

But this figure has now been corrected to three by search and rescue teams  

Rescue workers searching for the doomed AirAsia flight 8501 have recovered three bodies from the Java Sea, Indonesian search and rescue teams have confirmed.

Bodies were discovered alongside luggage, a plane door and an emergency slide in the water 100 miles off the coast of Borneo Island earlier today, following three days of searching.

Officials have confirmed that the bodies and debris found in the Java Sea off Indonesia are from flight 8501, and a naval spokesman said the rescuers remain ‘very busy’ retrieving the victims.

Despite an earlier claim by a navy spokesman that 40 bodies had been recovered, the figure was later corrected by the search agency Basarnas, which said that three bodies had been found so far. 

Before darkness fell in the area, search teams identified a shadow that they believe to be the plane’s fuselage beneath the water, which is relatively shallow at just 160 feet at its deepest point. Many of the remaining victims are thought likely to still be on board the aircraft 

The Airbus A320-200 was 42 minutes into its flight from Surabaya in Indonesia to Singapore on Sunday when it vanished with 162 people on board.


A plastic suitcase, uninflated emergency and oxygen tank from doomed flight 8501 were displayed by rescue workers at Pangkalan Bun airport in Indonesia earlier today


Live Indonesian television news footage showed at least one corpse floating in the water earlier today


A family member of passengers onboard the missing Malaysian air carrier AirAsia flight QZ8501, reacts after seeing an unidentified floating dead body during a search and rescue (SAR) mission with Indonesian military

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