When you were 10, you thought you would be rich and happy when you got older. But its back to playing with the other kids and some day, some day “I’ll get busy on that being successful thing”.


When you were 30, you thought you had plenty of time to become rich and happy. You still had your youth and “someday I’ll” do the work necessary to be successful.

When you were 50, you realized you were running out of time to become rich and happy and you began to work very hard. However, you had kids starting college, who wanted to be rich and happy themselves, and your parents health was failing and it was costing you an arm and a leg to help them survive in the world of Medicare Part B. Financially, you were only treading water. The harder you tried to swim upstream, the deeper you sunk into the water.

tread water

When you were 70, you realized that you were never going to be rich, and happiness was an elusive state of mind. There is nothing more unsettling than to realize that your fuse is burning quickly and your dreams are dying inside of you.

someday isle

One hundred independent 25 year olds think they are going to be rich and happy. By the time they reach 65, one is rich, four are independently wealthy and fifty-five are broke. Abraham Maslow, the famous psychiatrist tells us that only .01% of the population ever become self-actualized (i.e. being all the you can be).

men racing

What happens to us and why don’t most of us realize our dreams? Perhaps we are looking in all the wrong places or is it that we simply spend too much time living on “Someday Isle”?

Is it going to be this?

someday isle2

Or is it going to be this?


just do it


*NOTE: Special permission has been granted by David Hodges to repost his articles in their entirety on Christian Patriots.


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