Those wishing to destroy or remove Christ from Christmas prefer “Winter Break” or “Happy Holidays;” the same is true of “Easter Break” to “Spring Break.” This language reduces the connection to Christ, the reason for both. Proponents argue that this terminology is advanced so as not to offend non-believers who sometimes choose to be offended but it offends those of us who are believers. The songs of the birth of Christ blanket the earth resulting in more love, more giving, more kindness, more caring and sharing, more thought for others, indeed more everything that is good. Why would anyone wish to remove this influence? Non-believers might say that society could have all this without Christ. Really!!— As evidenced by the other remaining eleven months??? I do not think so!! Christmas has an unexplained magic to it unlike any other time of the year.

I first noticed the unusual effects of Christ at Christmas as an eleven-year-old boy milking my neighbor’s cow while he was away. The experience was repeated on the following days also. It was a mostly opened shed, very cold at six a.m. in the morning with icy patches of unmelted snow still on the ground. The sky was lit with a thousand stars demonstrating the immensity of space and of the enormous domain of God. I was happy for no identifiable reason. This was the key—happy for no identifiable reason. And songs of the birth, especially “Silent Night,” played in my mind as I squeezed out the milk of the cow into an open bucket below. I felt all the virtues identified above seemingly all at once and I knew that this season and this little baby was much more than just special. He had to be God. I felt so warmed.

Others feel this warmth too as it is so plentifully spread over the earth as though by angels spreading angel dust. Santa is a nice guy, mostly for children, but made-up. Christ is not. Non-believers have to notice this unexplained special feeling or choose to deny it. Also easily noticed is that this special warm feeling is pretty much gone by New Years Day.

It is okay not to know as I know. I am long passed just believing. I respect the holidays and sacred days of others but I do demand my own. Of all the founders of other religions and faiths, some of which may have been impressive, none was born in a lowlier place—in a manger where cows fed—because his parents lacked the distinction to merit something better, even though with child. None was introduced into the world by a heavenly choir sung to lowly shepherds who got to be the first invitees to the birth of a king, possibly the only time that happened in history. None could read the unexpressed thoughts of others. None of them fed thousands with a few fish or loaves of bread. No other founder walked on water. None of them replaced a severed ear, fallen to the ground, simply by returning it to the head of his enemy. None of them healed the sick, made the lame walk, the deaf hear, and gave sight to the blind. Indeed He was the gift to the downtrodden, infirmed, and sinners. None could forgive sin itself. None restored life to someone who had been dead for days. None but Christ raised himself from the dead. None of them!!! None were said to be perfect. He wronged no one. None, while in the greatest moment of his excruciating pain, from one of the most savvier types of torture then known, forgave his afflicters “for they knew not what they did.” All these manifestations were shown with multiple, sometimes thousands, of witnesses. No one but God does these things.

Written by: DR. HAROLD PEASE – continue  at LIBERTY UNDER FIRE


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