Jacksonville Fore Station 28, photo by WJXT-TV

Just days after the street execution of two New York City policemen, firefighters in Jacksonville, Florida were the target of a drive-by shooting by a gunman who sprayed a group of them with bullets Tuesday night.

Luckily, only one fireman was grazed by a bullet that apparently ricocheted before hitting his arm.

A local news report from WJAX-TV says a group of five or six firemen from Station 28 were at the next door city gasoline pumps when the gunmen attacked.

“According to Lt. Jackson Short of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, five or six firefighters were outside of Station 28 pumping gas at the city gas pumps next to the station at the time of the shooting.
“A firefighter was hit in the arm by a ricochet bullet, but his injury is minor and he will not need stitches, Short said.

Written by Kristinn Taylor
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