(NaturalNews) Jim Perdue, the self-proclaimed “head cheerleader” for Perdue Farms, proclaims, in a video produced by his company, that he and his company always want to “do the right thing.” It’s such a catchy phrase to listen to while watching Perdue drive his pick-up truck down a highway, yellow ball cap perched on his head, trying to look like any other chicken farmer. But, he’s not. Jim Perdue is the leader of family-owned Perdue Farms, Inc., which is the parent company of Perdue Foods and Perdue AgriBusiness.

“Doing the right thing,” according to the Perdue Farms website’s Corporate Responsibility section, is as follows:

[O]ur ability to contribute positively to others is dependent upon the resources we can generate through our business; our Value of Stewardship encompasses fiscal responsibility and the responsibility to generate revenue to support the strategic growth of our company, sustaining us into the future.

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