I remember one time when I was telling my friend Judy something that one of the globalist elites had said, that openly showed what they intended to do. Her reply was, “He can’t mean that. Nobody would do that.”  Well, that is probably what people who read “Mein Kampf” before World War II said about what Hitler said. But he did mean it. And he did do it.

Back in the early sixties, I knew a nice family with teenagers. A girl named Sarah attended an integrated high school in a large American city in the east. She had befriended some black students there. By all accounts, they were all friends and got along well with each other. One day a car pulled up next to her. It was filled with the young black men she befriended. One of the young men stuck his head out of the window and asked in a friendly tone, “Hey, Sarah, do you want to go for a ride?” Having some time to spare, she said, “sure” and got into the car. Then she asked them, “Where are we going?” And they gave the name of a park along a river that is fairly untraveled. During that time, you rarely see people there. Usually just a few hikers, or somebody who got out of their car to look at the river and the pretty scenery a while.

After they were well on their way to the park, they told her that when they got there, they were going to rape her. They were laughing and smiling when they said it, so Sarah thought it was all a big joke, and she laughed along with them. But when they got to that park, they gang raped her.

When Sarah’s mother took those boys to court for raping her daughter, their attorney made Sarah look like a whore, because she got into that car, and she had been laughing along with those boys. Her mother told me that the court case did as much damage to her as the rape did.

When those boys said that, Sarah was probably thinking, “They can’t mean that. Nobody would do that. And these are my friends.” Plus they were smiling and laughing and acting friendly.

But they did mean it. And they did it. And they boasted about it ahead of time. And they were laughing about it.

That reminds me of what the elites are doing to us, “the great unwashed,” right now. They are telling us what they are going to do. They have no conscience, and they can smile and look right in our face while they say it. They are doing it to us. They will do the rest of it to us. And they are laughing at us.

They are boasting about it while they are doing it, and before they do even worse things. Just like those boys did to Sarah.

By Maria Kneas, author of Prepare for Persecution
Hagmann and Hagmann Report

*NOTE: Special permission has been granted by Hagmann and Hagmann to repost his articles in their entirety on Christian Patriots.

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