Grace and James Slattery suffered four miscarriages and believed they would never be able to have children together. However, out of the blue, the couple became pregnant with quadruplets without IVF. According to doctors, their babies are little miracles, especially since the odds of having quads is one in ten-thousand.

The couple was excited to discover that they were having four girls but thought they were going to face another loss when they found out one of her babies had a birth defect. Doctors told her that one of their daughter’s, Amelia, would only survive a few hours after being born. This was because she had a congenital diaphragmatic hernia, which is a hole in the diaphragm that allows the contents of the abdomen to move into the chest cavity and the organs to move into the wrong place.

Mrs. Slattery said: “We were told if Amelia was born too small, no surgeon would operate on her and due to her hernia, her heart was in the wrong place and lungs weren’t properly developed.”

In May, Mrs. Slattery gave birth at 32-weeks via Caesarean section and miraculously. Amelia survived. She was their largest baby, weighing 4Ibs 3oz and doctors agreed to operate on her. Now all four of the couple’s children are doing well.

Written by Sarah Zagorsk
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