Tonight on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report, renowned author, researcher and talk show host Steve Quayle will be teaming up with the equally renowned watchman and former law enforcement officer Greg Evensen to discuss the real state of our world, and what we can and must do to keep from the hangman’s noose.

19 December 2014: Amid the twinkling of the Christmas lights and the shimmering glow emanating from the garland strung over the light posts across America, the captured corporate media is busily reassuring people that our economy is getting stronger, our country is moving forward in all important areas, and overall, the United States is better off today than at any other time in the recent past.

Economists appearing on the cable news channels are dutifully reading their scripts of deception to a distracted and unwitting public, playing an important part of the illusion in which we are fully immersed. Foreign policy puppets, health care puppets, and others conscripted to perpetuate normalcy and even upward mobility of the U.S. and Western interests dominate the television and radio airwaves, further reinforcing the illusion of strength, growth and overall harmony. Life is good, we are being told. Over and over again.

Too few people understand that much like the consolidation of political power under a Communist model, so too has the media succumbed to an effective consolidation, making it much easier to control the messages and the messengers. The illusion is not merely limited to the propaganda, but to those who disseminate it, as it is far easier to control the message when the media is controlled by a handful of gatekeepers rather than hundreds of independent voices we had just over a quarter of a century ago.

The lies are strong enough, large enough, and repeated often enough to convince the majority of a mind-numbed public that what they are seeing strung across the lampposts and Christmas trees in city squares is traditional holiday garland. Aided by normalcy bias, greed, and other psychological controls implemented at the hands of the global elite, most walk past the fully adorned Christmas trees at Rockefeller Center in New York and numerous city parks in the U.S., seeing garland hanging from the trees, exactly like they’ve been told.

Either they choose to ignore the cries of the watchmen or have become fully entranced in the lie, for what they’ve been convinced is the holiday decoration is neither decorative nor whimsical, but dull and taut. For what adorns the trees is not garland at all, but the thick and deadly rope hanging like swags, ignored by the masses while taunting the informed. Few see that at the end of each strand of rope is a hangman’s noose, ritualistically coiled thirteen times and awaiting the victims of the illusion.

Citing the lyrics from a Woodie Guthrie song, the words haunt those who understand the fate intended for us, while being drowned by clueless revelers:

“Did you ever see a hangman tie a hangknot?
I’ve seen it many a time and he winds, he winds,
After thirteen times he’s got a hangknot.”

Don’t be fooled by the script readers, for many of them have sold their souls for a seat at the table of the globalists. Don’t be fooled by the majority of those who claim to be ministers of the truth fighting within the normal political paradigm, for they are working not for the dissemination of the real truth, but for the globalist’s ministry of truth. They’ve assisted in hanging the gallows rope and coiled the knots, meanwhile convincing the masses that what they are seeing is merely garland. In the end, those who fail to understand the props of this illusion will suffer an untimely fate, perhaps realized only at the moment they hear their last eartly sound. It will be the sound of the trapdoor being released from under their feet.

By the time the wood of the gallows no longer supports their weight, the illusion will be complete. For them, it will be too late. They won’t hear the laughter of the master illusionists, or the globalist perpetrators fulfilling their objectives of a “New World Order.”

Like the infamous episode of the original Twilight Zone titled To Serve Man, the cries of the watchmen will save few souls. Even many standing on the steps of the gallows, like those standing on the steps of an alien craft depicted in that episode, will scoff at the warnings of their fate. Those who finally “get it” will struggle to get off, only to be pushed back onto the platform of certain death.

If this sounds too melodramatic or too fanciful for reality, take a few steps back to see the bigger picture. Today’s holiday decorations are merely props to divert your attention away from the agenda that has fully matured into action. It is critical for everyone to understand not just the depth and multiple layers of the illusion, but that what exists behind the glitter and twinkly lights also serves to distract from the lateness of the hour.

How long can we exist before the noose is further tightened? How long can we endure the distractions of the lights and trinkets that serve to cover the depth of the depravity and the agenda of the globalist planners that such adornments cover?

We need to assist others to awaken from the trance of the trinkets so they too might see the dark underbelly of the real world. The real world consists of a globalist takedown of society and the end of a lifestyle of relative freedom, to be replaced by full-blown tyranny that be subjugate us and our progeny. The real world consists of asymmetrical warfare of a world of fiat, to be followed by an inevitable war of bullets and bombs.

It won’t be long before the lights dim and the truth is revealed. The question is… where willyou be standing? Will it be on the trap door of the gallows with a noose you were convinced that was made of garland?

Tonight on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report, renowned author, researcher and talk show host Steve Quayle will be teaming up with the equally renowned watchman and former law enforcement officer Greg Evensen to discuss the real state of our world, and what we can and must do to keep from the hangman’s noose.

By Hagmann and Hagmann
Hagmann and Hagmann

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