Sheriff’s deputy said armored vehicles were necessary to deal with “constitutionalists”

Washington State Rep. Matt Shea slammed Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich for refusing to apologize for comments made by a Sheriff’s deputy in which the officer stated that MRAP armored vehicles were necessary to deal with “constitutionalists” who could pose a violent threat.

As Infowars exclusively reported last week, during a charity event a Spokane resident asked an officer why cops need armored vehicles that were originally used to fight insurgents abroad.

“I mean, we’ve got a lot of constitutionalists and a lot of people that stockpile weapons, lots of ammunition,” one deputy responded. “They have weapons here locally.”

The comments set off a firestorm of criticism from people concerned that local police see constitutionalists and libertarians as a violent threat, but Sheriff Knezovich responded not by apologizing for his deputy’s remarks but by blaming Infowars for reporting the story “out of context”.

However, Rep. Matt Shea said Knezovich made a big mistake by refusing to apologize and said his claim that the quote was “out of context” was merely a way of deflecting blame.

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