The gunman who held hostage at least a dozen people for up to 17 hours, is one of two reportedly killed in a dramatic shoot-out at a Sydney cafe during the early hours of Tuesday which abruptly ended the seige.

Police fired automatic weapons and lobbed stun grenades before storming the Lindt cafe in Martin Place in the heart of the city’s central business district.

There were that at least three others were injured, but this could not immediately be confirmed.

Live television coverage showed at least two people being taken away from the scene on stretchers. One hostage was seen being carried out of the building. She appeared to be in pain, and blood flowed down her legs.

Nine News reported that eleven hostages had been accounted for after the police raid, which occurred shortly after 2am.

Written by Emily Crane and Daniel Piotrowski and Sarah Dean and Louise Cheer and Candace Sutton for Daily Mail Australia and Leesa Smith and Heather Mcnab
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