We thought John McCain might say that. And to be clear, he hasn’t officially declared anything just yet. But can there be any doubt now that he’s not going away?

John McCain says he is “most likely” running for re-election in 2016, but is aware that he will be a top target for conservative groups gunning for establishment Republicans in primaries.In an interview with CNN, the Arizona senator stepped closer to pulling the trigger on a campaign for a sixth termand seems to be spoiling for the fight. But he also said he’s not sure Republicans can hang on to the Senate in two years after grabbing it back from Democrats in the midterm elections.

“I am approaching it, that decision, and it’s most likely that I will announce that I am [running] again,” said McCainwho will be 80 at the time of the 2016 election. McCain had previously said he was considering and “leaning towards” a campaign but would announce his intentions in early 2015.

Written by Daniel Doherty
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