(NaturalNews) If you haven’t already seen Hunger Games, Catching Fire I urge you to watch it now. The movie, available for free on Amazon’s PRIME service, depicts a totalitarian centralized government ruling over disarmed, oppressed subjects with outrageous cruelty and injustice.

The movie is a warning to what might happen to us all very soon if we don’t stop the march of tyranny in America. You need to watch the film because America is headed straight for a similar outcome, and this fact was especially driven home today by one of the most outrageous new laws to ever be passed in any state. By a wide margin of support, Illinois just voted to criminalize citizens filming police in public spaces.

“The amendment has stripped away safeguards to free speech rights from the original legislation and instituted a blanket ban on recording officials in public,” writes Steve Watson at [1] “It was passed by both the Illinois House and the Senate, with huge majorities, within two days of its introduction.”

“Only a government that lives like cockroaches in the darkness would pass a law criminalizing the act of turning on the light,” writes the Free Thought Project [2], which goes on to point out how the mainstream media is completely silent on this story. (The media censors all stories it doesn’t want you to know about, including the CDC whistleblower story, Fukushima radiation in the USA and the worsening Ebola pandemic.)

You can view the actual text of this Illinois Senate bill amendment at this link (PDF), and there’s a valuable write-up of the law published at the Illinois Policy website.

It’s legal if the cops do it; it’s a felony if you do it

To be clear, the Illinois law makes it a felony crime for citizens to do exactly what the police do: record audio and video in public places.

When the police activate their video recorders, they claim citizens have “no reasonable expectation of a right to privacy in a public space,” and that’s their justification for recording. But when a citizen does the same thing, they will now be arrested and charged with the felony crime of “wiretapping” police conversations.

America is now a two-class system, in other words. There are the OFFICERS who are granted an elevated set of “rights,” privileges and powers; and then there are the SUBJECTS who are denied those same rights, privileges and powers.

A nation of law has descended into a lawless land of tyranny

The idea that America is a nation of law where all men and women are created equal is shattered. The very idea that all laws apply equally to everyone, including government officers, officials and even Presidents, is now openly abandoned. The new rule is that laws are only selectively applied to Subjects, while Officers of the government are exempt from those same laws.

Chicago is now a city where it is completely legal for a police officer to murder a citizen in plain sight, but it is a felony offense for a citizen to record the video of that event on their mobile phone. The citizen who witnesses the murder is now the criminal, you see, while the government employee who commits it is granted total immunity.

Similarly, when the government lies to the people, that’s never considered a crime. After all, politicians lie all the time to get elected. (Remember “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor” promise?) But when citizens lie to the government, that’s a felony crime. That’s why Martha Stewart went to prison, by the way: for lying to the government.

When police interrogate suspects, they are allowed to lie with impunity. But if that suspect makes one false statement to the police, even in the context of having been lied to by those same police, that’s now a felony crime.

If a government commits accounting fraud and lies about its earnings and debt, nobody goes to jail at the Treasury. But if a small business owner does the exact same thing, he or she gets arrested and charged with felony fraud.

When militarized government police accidentally raid the wrong house and drop flashbang grenades in baby’s cribs — or shoot people dead — nobody in law enforcement goes to jail. They are immune to the same laws that you and I must abide by.

The rules and laws are completely different, you see, depending on whether you are a Subject or an elite government “Officer.”

Illinois criminalizes citizen journalism

The arrogance of a state legislative body that would criminalize a citizen’s public filming of police is beyond astonishing. It is an open admission that lawmakers are so terrified of transparency that they would criminalize citizen journalism and thereby provide cover for yet more police abuse like we’re witnessing across America.

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