Sheik declares ‘battle’ coming against ‘the most evil of Allah’s creations’


While the message is ancient, the venue was particularly provocative at a time of rising tensions.

In the middle of the cavernous and ornate Al Aqsa Mosque on top of Judaism’s holiest site – the Temple Mount – an Islamic cleric began drawing a crowd as he delivered an impromptu sermon warning the Jewish people that they are about to be “slaughtered without mercy.”

Citing the Quran in his reference to Jews as “the most evil of Allah’s creations,” Sheik Omar Abu Sara declared a climatic “battle with the Jews” is imminent, according to a video of the sermon that was posted on the Internet Nov. 28 and translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute.

And he appeared to be inviting the armies of ISIS – the self-declared Islamic state – to fulfill the prophesied task of eliminating the Jewish people and “liberating” the Palestinians.

“We are living in a time when the battle with the Jews has drawn near, as our Prophet Muhammad was reported to have said: ‘You fight the Jews until the trees and the stones will say: Oh servant of Allah, oh Muslim, there is a Jew behind me. Come and kill him,’” the sheik said.

“I say to the Jews loud and clear: The time for your slaughter has come. The time to fight you has come. The time to kill you has come. Allah willing, we are ready for the task – we and the loyal and faithful Muslims, along with the armies of the state of the Islamic Caliphate, which will come to liberate this land from your filth.”

Accusing Israel of causing suffering, Sara rhetorically encouraged the Jewish state to continue its ways, which will only give Palestinians even more motivation to destroy it.

“Please do not leave in our hearts a single grain of mercy toward you, oh Jews, because when the day of your slaughter arrives, we shall slaughter you without mercy.”

Sara said the Jews are masters of “every single vile trait” known to man, according to the Quran, and have only gotten worse over time.

“By Allah, the Jews are the most evil of Allah’s creations. They are the most evil creatures to have walked this Earth,” he said.

The sheik said it was “the Jews whom Allah turned into apes and pigs, and afflicted with degradation and humiliation.”

He then launched into a liturgy that drew responses from the gathered crowd:

Sara: “Oh Allah, make that day come faster.”

Crowd: “Amen.”

Sara: “Oh Allah, hasten the day of the [slaughter] of the Jews.”

Crowd: “Amen.”

Sara: “Oh Allah, hasten the day of their killing.”

Crowd: “Amen.”

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