Steve Hill’s widow, Jeri Hill, has expectation for the new year. (Courtesy)

The year has been a painful one for Jeri Hill, the widow of Steve Hill, an evangelist for the Brownsville Revival and founder of Steve Hill Ministries.

“God knows I’ve shed plenty of tears,” she wrote in the Steve Hill Ministries December newsletter. 

In March, she lost her husband, in October, her son Ryan. And through it all, her heartache is fuel, driving her toward God, using her experience to connect with others who have dealt with depression after the deaths of family members. 

“I’m asking the Lord to use the heartaches our family has experienced to help us reach more souls for Him,” she writes. “God has already begun to do that in some amazing ways.”

Before his death, Steve Hill dedicated his life to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ around the world. Charisma previously reported on his passion to help those who are hurting and his pursuit of genuine, God-breathed revival continued to intensify after years of missionary work, church planting, and evangelistic crusades.

After the death of her husband, Jeri Hill continued with their ministry, manning the helm of an organization that stands in the gap for addiction, depression and rebellion, among other things. 

Written by Jessilyn Justice
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