Piers Morgan, the CNN host who used a floundering television show to promote his anti-Second Amendment agenda, believes America needs to install a monarchy.

Less than ebullient protesters try to shut down NBA game in Brooklyn attended by royal couple.

Morgan made the remark in an article posted on the Mail Online website. He became the Editor-at-Large in the United States for the popular Daily Mail websiteafter his CNN show was cancelled due to dismal ratings.

“If you love our royals so much, America, perhaps it’s time to have a Monarchy of your own?” Morgan asked after Prince William and Duchess Kate arrived in the United States for a visit.

“When (Prince William) departs, President Obama will shake his hand and feel very grateful that he was able to bask, albeit briefly, in the reflected glow of his guest’s beloved VIP wattage.”

“In the 10 years I’ve lived here, I’ve never seen anything to rival the adulation, attention and respect this family engenders.”

According to Morgan, the American public and celebrities alike are experiencing “ecstatic frenzy” in response to the visit.

More accurately, it is a sensationalistic corporate media that is mesmerized by the royal couple, not the American people.

Written by KURT NIMMO
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