The prophetic clock is ticking:
Will we be blessed or cursed? 

know I sound like a broken record … and there will be those who passionately disagree with me. But as someone who sees the world and its actions through a Biblical understanding, I fear that this nation’s latest behavior towards Israel is bringing us perilously close to the curses cautioned in the Holy Bible.
Whether you are a Believer in the Word, or not, you are most likely familiar with the quotes that foretell a blessing on those who bless God’s favored nation; and a curse upon those who afflict Israel. Most people do not take that warning literally.  Even if you dismiss the veracity of the Bible, and don’t believe in its prophecies, aren’t you even interested to know what our nation’s recent history shows us in regard to our conduct toward “the apple of God’s eye”?

After WWII, our liberation of the Nazi death camps, and our support of the creation of the nation state of Israel saw the United States experience an explosion of rapid growth in economic sectors and the standard of living for its citizens.  In essence, we became the world’s SuperPower; and our level of success seemed destined to continue.  We remained a friend to Israel, with U.S. Presidents steadfastly supporting her through the attempts of surrounding nations to deny her right to the Holy Land.
For several decades, the U.S. continued to prosper, with no apparent end in sight to what we could accomplish.  Then a chink began to develop in our armor.  In 1990, Communist Russia allowed a mass of Russian Jews to emigrate to Israel, causing severe economic stress on the tiny nation.  Israel went to the World Bank for a loan to help with the needs of the refugees, and were told that the $10 billion would only be available if the U.S. guaranteed it.  President George Prescott Bush would only concede if Israel began negotiating with the Palestinians, in effect giving their land away for peace.  That foreign policy concession continues to this day.
Unfortunately, Bush did not heed God’s proclamation about the Land.  Even a cursory reading of the Book of Genesis makes it clear that the world and its land belongs to God, who created it; and He apportions it as He sees fit.  He unequivocally declares the boundaries of the land He assigns to Israel .. as an everlasting possession.  Also, unfortunately, Israel’s continued rebellion caused them to be removed from the land, but that doesn’t change God’s ultimate purpose for them or the intended occupation of their homeland.
But Bush #1 was not the only President who led us away from blessing the nation of Israel.  Presidents Clinton and Bush #2 took us down that same path, with the Camp David summits and the “Roadmap to Peace” negotiations. Each of these brokered deals saw more of God’s original boundaries for Israel disappear.  And we continued to slide toward that slippery slope of cursing Israel.
Our current President has not only called for the establishment of a Palestinian state based on the pre-1967 lines (rendering Israel indefensible with only 9 to 11 miles of land in the Tel Aviv area); but unconfirmed reports, just this week, hint that the U.S. is considering economic sanctions against Israel for its continued settlement activity involving the building of homes in Jerusalem.  So, let me get this straight — we would punish Israel for building homes in its own land, while refusing to initiate further sanctions on Iran and its nuclear program.  Can it be any clearer to God that we are no longer blessing Israel?
For all those who will tell me that those residing in Israel are not the Israel that God will return to Him at the End of the Ages, I will agree.  They are not yet “the restored Israel” that God has purposed in His eternal plan.  But until then, we are still to honor them, support them, and encourage them to fulfill their prophetic position in God’s Kingdom. 
I realize that Israel appears on the brink of destruction, from both within and without.  There is strife within her own government; her enemies conspire to destroy her; and her people don’t appear close to  seeking their spiritual restoration.  (The same could be said of our nation!) And I can understand why the nations of the world would be skeptical of Israel’s importance and her status.  But the Bible predicts all this — there will be a time of great distress (Jacob’s Trouble) right before God reveals Himself; first to Israel, and then to the surrounding nations, and all the world.  The Bible also makes clear that God will deal with those nations who conspire to divide up His Land and destroy His people (Joel 3:2).  You don’t want to be on the wrong side of His judgment!
That is why it is all the more significant that we consider the consequences of how this nation treats Israel.  You may not believe in the blessings or the curses of the Bible, but you can’t deny the trajectory this nation has been on, as it relates to its treatment of Israel.  We are abandoning her to the nefarious plots of evil nations, and there will be a reckoning for our unfaithful decisions. 

Isaiah [41:11]    “Behold, all those who are angered at you will be shamed and dishonored; those who contend with you will be as nothing and will perish.”

Written by Belle Ringer
Salvation and Survival

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