Homosexual columnist suggests ‘positions’ for famous Christian family


The Duggar family

To Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, parents of the famous family from TLC’s reality program “19 Kids and Counting,” sexuality is a precious topic to be taken seriously as their children grow to adulthood.

To Paul Rudnick, a homosexual humorist, playwright and longtime contributor to the New Yorker, however, the Christian family’s sexual morals are more of a joke.

In a humor piece available online now from the New Yorker’s Dec. 8 issue, Rudnick lampoons the family by reporting he’s found pages of the family’s “sex manual.”

Rudnick accurately points out that “as the Duggar kids have matured, Jim Bob has allowed only chaperoned dates, and, as People has reported, ‘the Duggar girls and beaus have agreed to only “side hugs” pre-engagement and only hand-holding post-engagement. Their first kisses will be on their wedding days.’”

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Rudnick then jokes, however, that like the “Kama Sutra,” the ancient Hindu text that includes detailed descriptions of sexual positions, the Duggars have all kinds of advice on how to (not) have sex.

For example, Rudnick describes “the missionary position” thus: “This is perhaps the most satisfying sexual maneuver, because the wife remains in America while the husband serves as a missionary along the Amazon.”

Written by DREW ZAHN
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  1. I suspect Mr. Rudnick has a deep-seated jealousy for any normal family that gets the kind of publicity that the Duggars get. Husband-wife marriages get to have children naturally – that must really dig at the alternative marriage people.

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