Police car burning in Ferguson, Missouri

Michael Savage

Savage marked the Thanksgiving holiday by expressing his gratitude to his large and growing radio audience, saying, “If it wasn’t for loyal listeners like you – patronizing my sponsors, buying my books and spreading the word about my show – I wouldn’t be here.

“And I plan to stay here, on the air, until I take my last breath,” he added (Free audio).

Savage’s reaction to the civil unrest in Ferguson was to place blame at the very top: the White House.

“Obama and [former Attorney General Eric] Holder laid the groundwork from the get-go,” Savage said. “They’re Al Sharpton with a smoother act.”

He added that, “One of the protocols of the Communist Party USA is to stir up the masses against the police. If you think there aren’t any communists behind all this, you’ve got another thing coming” (Free audio).

Rush Limbaugh

In the aftermath of Monday night’s rioting and looting in Ferguson, Missouri, many wondered why the National Guard was not deployed to quell the violence.

“Somebody wanted this to happen,” declared radio host Rush Limbaugh this week. “The ongoing theory is that the White House or Washington – the DOJ, Eric Holder – called the governor of Missouri, Jay Nixon, and told him not to deploy the Guard. Because it looks like they were ready to go. They had been called up and they were placed on ready status. And then they were not used. And the feeling is that the order came from some high authority in Washington not to deploy them. I don’t know why.”

In what’s become an annual tradition, Limbaugh shared the inspirational “true story of Thanksgiving,” which is very different from the politically correct version taught in schools these days (Free audio).

Aaron Klein

Is Israel reconsidering military action against Iran? Investigative broadcaster and Middle East expert Aaron Klein looked into the matter and also revealed how “a secret Obama pledge on Jerusalem” may have contributed to the latest horrific violence in the city.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio joined Klein to talk about his efforts to overturn the president’s amnesty program. Other guests included Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, whose lawsuit against Obamacare is going all the way to the Supreme Court (Free audio).

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