The British long ago established Western-style institutions of learning in colonized Muslim lands. But now it appears the educational worm has turned, menacingly, with a recent discovery that pupils at seven London schools are being instilled with Islamic propaganda.

Surprise inspections by Ofsted — the Office for Standards in Education — found that these schools taught a narrow curriculum, ignoring Western culture and refusing to inculcate British values. Most shockingly, some students at these institutions told inspectors that they didn’t know if they should follow English law or Sharia law — or which was more important.

Six of these schools are “independent,” meaning private. They are Ebrahim Academy, East London Islamic School, Mazahirul Uloom School, Al-Mizan School, Jamiatul Ummah School, and London East Academy. Most telling about the times, perhaps, the seventh transgressing institution is a state-run, Church of England school: Sir John Cass’s Foundation and Red Coat School. It is described as “Muslim dominated,” with 90 percent of its students being of Bangladeshi heritage.

And this Muslim domination has begotten Islamic indoctrination. As the Daily Mail reported Friday on the East London Islamic School, which is reflective of the wider problem:

The report found that although literacy and numeracy lessons were regular, with youngsters given some chances to take part in science classes, there were only “occasional” opportunities for the pupils to learn about geography and history, which were taught through the Islamic curriculum.

Inspectors revealed that one young pupil “explained to inspectors that he would ‘go to hell’ if he participated in music or dance.”

“The majority of lessons taught at the school focus on Islamic or Arabic studies,” Ofsted said.

“All pupils learn to recite religious texts by memory and repetition.”

It found that although the school effectively promoted Islamic development of pupils, girls were not treated the same boys.

“Male teachers and boys make a daily visit to The East London Mosque. The girls are required to wait for their return before lessons can resume. Girls do not have equal opportunities and some learning is lost.”

The watchdog also warned that the school was not actively promoting an “appreciation and understanding” of other cultures, with nearly all after-school activities of an Islamic nature.

“There is no evidence to show how pupils learn about different faiths and cultures within modern Britain as part of a planned curriculum,” inspectors said.

The head of Ofsted, Sir Michael Wilshaw, said the students at these schools were in serious danger of “radicalization.” He warned that all the schools mentioned “focused intensively on developing Islamic knowledge and understanding at the expense of other important areas of the curriculum.” As to this, not only did students tell inspectors that it was wrong to learn about other faiths, but the investigation also found, writes the Independent, “one school where all the library books were in Arabic, and a teacher ignoring a student expressing extremist views in school work.” Moreover, a sixth-form (grade levels for students between 16 and 18 years of age) Islamic society at the Church of England school had a Facebook page with links to radical preacher Sheikh Omar Suleiman.

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