(NaturalNews) Let’s face it, consuming foods from McDonald’s not only conjures up ever-increasing waistlines, but also stirs up thoughts of less-than-desirable meal surprises.

For instance, there are a handful of stories about razor blades being found in sausage McMuffins or, as was the case for one woman in Illinois, making the discovery of a sharp blade nestled underneath her McDonald’s eggs. Of course there are also reports that ground up chicken bones and carcasses make it into their McNuggets, despite statements from the restaurant chain that no such process takes place. The shocking experiences don’t just revolve around customers, either.

A GM potato that resists browning and bruising? No thanks, says McDonald’s

Even a former employee provided a day-in-the-life scenario that’s bound to make stomachs churn. Of one of his experiences working at McDonald’s, he says, “I accidentally left a whole bag of about 100 chicken nuggets out on a counter for way too long. They melted. Into a pool of liquid. I never understood why. But they were completely indiscernible as being the nuggets I once knew.”

With such a long list of questionable food practices and ingredients, one would assume that McDonald’s would be all over a new effort put forth by J.R. Simplot. Simplot, a mega player in the potato market who also happens to be main French fry supplier to the restaurant chain, has developed genetically modified potatoes that 1) resist unsightly browning and bruising without use of additives and 2) contain up to 75% less of the cancer-causing substance typically found in potatoes that are cooked at high temperatures.

Written by Jennifer Lilley
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