In John 4 we have two days of interruption.

What a two days were those!
For two days the divine mission to Israel was set aside,
for two days the burden of Israel’s prophets, and the fulfillment of their prophecies, was held in abeyance and a new mission was brought to light.

The Grace, the Mercy and the Truth of the Son of God were not for Israel in those days, but for an alien people outside the scope of the promises.

In those days revelation was given to Samaria. A people without the history and the knowledge of which Israel boasted, was given a special unveiling which Israel was incapable of receiving.

In those two days God reached beyond the racial and cultural divide, beyond the division of religion and of sin, and unveiled a realm where the Spirit alone was important. In those two days, in the outworking of God’s purpose, there was revealed: truth which was not local in its scope, pertaining to a particular nation or city, truth not found in the outward righteousness of ceremonial observances.

Jesus’ words to the woman at the well were the essence of simplicity and directness: ‘there is Living Water…a Gift.’

With what infinite compassion He showed her, ‘That water of yours will give way to thirst…the water I give is Life within – ever-springing’…

Think how this woman, an alien to Israel and the promises of the chosen people, ignorant of the Way, stained with a life of sin, and without hope, grasped what was hidden to Israel; and SAW the Life, and the Grace, and the Mercy.

By Leonard Ravenhill

3 thoughts on “Life… Revealed!”
  1. Thanks for the encouraging message and comment by Leonard Ravenhill. He is one of my favorite preachers. I enjoyed listening to him talk about the need for revival. I pray we get to experience another great awakening here in America before the Lord comes back. Have a great day!

    1. Thanks your your kind words! Leonard is true man of God and I intend to post more from him daily. You tionmen tevival and I to pray we enceexperi a great awakanking in America. Oh how we need it…. God bless you and thanks for all your support!

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