Remember that George Romero movie from the late 1970s?Dawn of the Dead?

Everything about this year’sBlack Friday is even more gag-inducing than previous years. Maybe it’s just me, or maybe it’s because people do not realize how dire things really are here in America, but the fact that people continue to act like a bunch of mindless zombie sheep who would last out at each other over blu ray players and blenders makes me weep for humanity.

Oh, apparently it isn’t even Black Friday anymore. They’ve stretched it out into a four-day event:


(Photo: Kev Baker, Facebook)

Did you know the top .01% of Americans now own as much as the bottom 90%? And of course that is underestimated because there’s tons of hidden wealth current figures don’t even take into account. Regardless, our wealth gap and the inequality here in America may be the highest anywhere in the world ever in recorded modern history…

And still people act like this every year:

Because nothing says holiday spirit and cheer like beating each other bloody over a six-dollar toaster made by Chinese people who live in work shop houses where the conditions are so bleak and horrible, the factory owners have to literally put nets up around the building to try and keep the workers from committing suicide at any minute.

Written by Melissa Melton
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