Officer Darren Wilson (Reuters/St. Louis County Prosecutor's Office)
Officer Darren Wilson (Reuters/St. Louis County Prosecutor’s Office)

Darren Wilson, the Ferguson, Missouri cop who killed unarmed black teenager Michael Brown in August, is under “no illusion” about remaining a police officer, his lawyer said.

“There’s no way in the world [Wilson] can go back to being a police officer,” attorney Neil Bruntrager told CNN this week.

“It’s not a question of if, it’s a question of when. He’s on paid leave, and there are discussions that are going on right now to separate from the department in an amicable fashion,” Bruntrager added. “Realistically, he can’t go back to being a police officer…There’s no illusion about any of this. But it’s the way in which he leaves … that’s important to him on different levels.”

On Monday, it was announced that a St. Louis County grand jury had decided it would not indict Wilson, 28, for the fatal shooting of Michael Brown, 18, on Aug. 9. Wilson, who is white, has maintained that he used deadly force against Brown, a black man unarmed at the time of the incident, in self-defense. A majority of witnesses testified to the grand jury that Brown had his hands raised and was running away from Wilson as the officer shot him repeatedly.

Michael Brown (Image from
Michael Brown (Image from

Attorney James Towey told The Washington Post this week that he warned Wilson against remaining an officer, something he initially told his attorneys he was interested in doing.

“I think I expressed to him, ‘Do you realize your first call [back on the job] will be to a blind alley where you’re executed?’ He took a pause for a minute, thought about it and said, ‘Oh.’ That is the reality,” Towey said.

Wilson, who has said he has a clean conscience over the events of Aug. 9, has had to realize that resuming life as a cop would likely endanger his life and those of other officers, Bruntrager said.

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