David Depuydt

(Warning: This story contains a graphic description of an attempted abortion that may offend some readers.)

A student has filed a lawsuit against a teacher she says raped her, got her pregnant and then tried to abort the baby using a metal ruler inside her vagina while the two were inside a classroom.

David Depuydt, a former teacher at Horizon Community Learning Center in the Ahwatukee foothills north of Phoenix, Arizona, was arrested in August 2013 on 13 counts of sexual conduct with a minor, according to Courthouse News Service. He pleaded guilty in August to two counts of sexual conduct with a minor and two counts of attempted sexual conduct with a minor. Depuydt, who was 27 at the time of the assault, was sentenced to five years in prison and lifetime probation.

The student, identified only as Jane Doe in legal documents, claims she suffered severe emotional distress and even tried to commit suicide after the sexual assault and abortion attempt. Doe said she was 16 when Depuydt was designated her supervisor for a community service project she was required to perform.

The lawsuit, which was filed against both Depuydt and Horizon Community Learning Center, states, “Depuydt utilized his inherent authority, trust and position as a teacher and community service project supervisor to target Jane Doe based on her gender and subject her to multiple instances of illegal sexual harassment and discrimination.”

Depuydt is accused of repeatedly sexually assaulting the girl “including inside a school bathroom and in Depuydt’s classroom.” According to the legal filing, Horizon staff members observed the teacher leaving the school restroom with Doe and spending time with her after school hours.

When they were inside a classroom alone, the girl said when she informed Depuydt that she had become pregnant. The lawsuit states,  “[F]or the purpose of performing an abortion, defendant Depuydt repeatedly inserted a metal ruler into Jane Doe until she began to bleed profusely.”

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