Screenshot from YouTube user THEEYEINTHESKY

New video released from a police shooting in Cleveland, Ohio, shows a patrol car arriving on the scene and officers barely hesitating before fatally shooting in the stomach a young boy playing with an air gun.

The incident was prompted by a 911 call to the Cleveland Police Department claiming a boy was carrying a firearm and pointing it at people in the street. Police in the video are seen driving across the grass to a pavilion and hesitating briefly. As the boy approaches and seems to be pulling something from his waistband, he is shot dead.

The 12-year-old boy, Tamir Rice, died from a gunshot wound on Sunday. Police said they told Rice three times to raise his hands before shooting him twice. Yet despite believing Rice was in possession of a firearm, police later determined it was an airsoft gun – which shoots small plastic pellets – that did not have an orange safety indicator at the end of the barrel.

The video, meanwhile, was released at the request of the boy’s family. Police also released audio of a 911 call, which reported a boy waving a gun. However, the caller did not know if it was real, and a dispatcher directed officers to the scene.

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