While I was watching the supposedly “live” feed from Clayton, MO where the St. Louis Prosecutor was set to release the announcement of the grand jury’s decision, I noticed Drudge Report already had a link to a USA Today article declaring no charges…the story with the no verdict went out a full 15 minutes before the prosecutor’s “live” press conference announcing it.

OBVIOUSLY the media had advanced notice here.

In fact, right on cue after the decision was announced, someone set a police car on fire.

Written by Melissa Melton
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2 thoughts on “Media Goofs, Obvious Advanced Knowledge of Ferguson Grand Jury Decision”
  1. Yeah, it was already leaked out earlier in the day, and it was obvious that there was a deliberate postponement of the official announcement until after nightfall. I think that provided for the opportunity for those who would wreak mayhem to get good and mad and rally the protesters. Whole thing is sickening.

    1. I had the radio on a talk show waiting for the announcement, less than 2 minutes into about a 20 minute speech at which the end of the announcement of the decision was to be made, the radio show host said “What matters is Wilson was not indicted and that’s all we need to know.” He already know what had been decided. I double checked and yes several main stream media sites also had it up before it was actually announced to the every day world.

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