Pray for Ferguson, Missouri. Pray for peace to be restored in this city that’s been hurt so deeply. Pray for the police, emergency personnel, news crews and residents, that they all will be safe.

Pray for the church and it’s people in Ferguson. That they would be a true city on a hill. Shining the light of hope that our Lord Jesus gives us.

Pray for Michael Brown’s family as they continue to mourn the loss of their son Mike.

Pray that if they don’t know the Lord Jesus, that they would come to know him through this tragedy. And pray that if they do know Jesus, he would give them peace that surpasses all understanding and that their hearts and minds be be guarded. Pray that their hearts and minds not be troubled and that peace may overcome them.

Pray for Darren Wilson and his family. Pray that honesty and justice will prevail. Let us pray that if Darren doesn’t know Jesus as Lord that God would use this tragedy to save him.

Pray that if he is a Christian that the Lord would grant him wisdom to go through the process of anxiety and stress. Pray that God would protect him and his loved ones.

Pray that they would point the world to the One who, one day soon, will restore justice and peace for all time, Our Lord and Savior Jesus. Pray that they would be quick to mourn with those mourning and eager to share the reason for our hope.

Daniel Crane
Christian Patriots

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