On Fox News this morning, Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder blasted elected officials in Ferguson who are loud advocates of “mob justice.”

Martha Maccallum asked Kinder about comments President Obama made regarding the police needing more training. Kinder said the comments weren’t helpful and that police have had “tons of training.”

He also said Attorney General Eric Holder’s visit seemed to favor one side, while he and the “vast majority of Missourians want justice for all.”

He saved his strongest comments for those agitating on the ground in Ferguson, specifically those who are elected officials.

“Some of the most irresponsible voices I’ve ever heard have been pushing the message ‘No justice, no peace,” and some of those have actually been, tragically, elected officials in our government. And shame on them.”

Kinder then reenforced an op-ed in the USA Today by Jonathan Turley, where Turley writes… ( The Missouri Torch)


Written by: DUANE LESTER – continue at THE MISSOURI TORCH



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