“We have just taken a monumental step away from republicanism toward Caesarism”

Political analyst Pat Buchanan has chimed in on the executive immigration uproar, labeling it an “impeachable act,” while there are fresh indications that House Republicans do not intend to act against the order.

Appearing on public affairs program The McLaughlin Group, Buchanan said “He [Obama] is behaving as a rogue president.”

“Politically, it may be a very clever move, he’s divided the Republicans, no doubt about it. He’s sticking it into their face after their victory, he’s saying ‘I’m going to do what I want to do and now you pass your bill.’” Buchanan added.

“But the problem is, I think he has really poisoned the well with the Republicans for the next two years…I think this is going to be, no doubt about it, along with Obamacare, one of the signal achievements of the Obama administration.” the author stated.

“I think it’s going to backfire on him politically, and I think it’s going to backfire on the Democratic Party.” Buchanan added, also noting that “it’s an impeachable act, but they should not impeach them” because the majority of Americans do not support such a move.

Buchanan reiterated comments he made Thursday when he told Newsmax that Obama “is seizing power that he does not have” and saying “to hell with the Constitution.”

Written by Steve Watson
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