Earlier this year, we reported on Jacob Lavoro of Round Rock, Texas’ story; at the time, he was being charged with a first degree felony for selling hash oil brownies. He was set to receive an absolutely insane possible sentence of life in prison for weed brownies.

He is now officially on 7 years deferred probation, and he did not have to serve any time in prison. He believes it’s because of the extensive alternative media coverage of the amount of time he was set to face.

In an interview for The Anti-Media, I asked him to just say whatever he wanted about his case and how he feels about the charges being reduced so drastically, and he said this:

“I feel good about not going to prison. I think all the media pressure I had on my side helped me tremendously. I think if I didn’t have that kinda pressure that they would have been successful in putting me behind bars for quite a while.

I also still think as a first time offender the verdict is still pretty harsh.

Written by: CASSIUS METHYL | The Anti Media
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