Jason Brown (Screenshot from youtube video by The News & Observer

Making tens of millions of dollars simply playing a game may seem like a dream for most Americans, but former National Football League player Jason Brown gave up fame, the limelight and the cash for a chance to do something humbler: farming.

He’s not just growing vegetables in his backyard, though. After retiring from professional football, Brown purchased a North Carolina farm totaling more than 1,000 acres, dedicated to the idea of growing food and giving it away to charities and those in need.

There was a small problem, though: the former NFL center didn’t know a thing about farming.


Up until that point, what he knew was football. Back in 2009, he had signed a contract with the St. Louis Rams for $37.5 million over five years. Brown was cut in 2012 and was fielding offers from other teams when he decided it was time to give it up for a different passion, regardless of how much he knew about farming.

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