There was already 4 feet of snow on the ground at noon Tuesday in Elma, N.Y., and it was snowing so hard Dennis Powers couldn’t see out his window.

“We’re getting hammered,” said Powers, supervisor for the town of 11,300 people less than 20 miles from Lake Erie. “We could get 2-3 more feet of snow. And the wind chill is 2 degrees. So it’s cold.”


Harry Scull Jr., The Buffalo News, via AP

Lynette Johnson clears snow in front of her Mill Street home on Nov. 17 in Springville, N.Y.

Nearby Lackawanna, N.Y., has a chance of beating the record for a 24-hour snowfall of 76 inches — 6 feet, 4 inches — set in 1921 in Silver Lake Colo., AccuWeather said.

Plummeting temperatures and lake-effect snow brought weather havoc to much of the North and East, with some areas battling snow measured in feet and whiteout highway conditions.

The U.S. awoke Tuesday to its coldest November morning since 1976, WeatherBell meteorologist Ryan Maue said. More than 85% of the 48 contiguous states — and 226 million Americans — reached or fell below freezing, he said. The National Weather Service reported that every state saw freezing temperatures.

Written by John Bacon and Doyle Rice, USA TODAY
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5 thoughts on “Snow way! U.S. ‘hammered’ by freak freeze, whiteout”
    1. You’re lucky, indeed! I’m in the “freezer-zone” and it’s been brutal. The weather here is finally starting to pull out of the artic freezer. Today is supposed to be 30 and that means it’s bikini time! LOL!

      1. LOLOL! That is soooo cold! I wasn’t sure but know I think I know that you are a female…unless you just happen to like bikinis and are a guy… LOL

      2. LOL! Yes, female, but not bikini quality. LOL! I think we got down to 3 above but with 30 mph gusts out of the North Northwest it was much colder than that on exposed areas of skin. Anyway, hopefully no one leaves the back door open for awhile as we need to re-coup!

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