Liz Loverde is defending her right to a Christian club in her public school (Liberty Institute)

A second Long Island high school is being accused of banning a student-led Christian club, with a conservative legal firm demanding that officials reverse course and allow the group.

Administrators at Wantagh High School in Wantagh, New York, recently denied a student’s application to form “Dare to Believe,” a faith-based club, according to the Liberty Institute.

That student, Liz Loverde — a sophomore at the school — claims to have delivered her proposed club to the principal, who purportedly told her that Christian campus groups are “illegal.”

The administrator feared that “Dare to Believe” would  ”cause too much trouble” and debate in the community, according to the law firm.

Loverde’s initial club proposal that was reportedly deniedread as follows:

“Life appeared to me as something not worth having or living.  Maybe, right now, teenagers are feeling the same way I did, and saying that life has nothing for them and that no one would care if they lived or died.  Through “Dare to Believe” Christian Club I want students to know that while they’re going through these tought times, (depression, parents divorce, self-harm, suicide, anxiety, bullying, etc.) Jesus Christ offers them another view of life; a view that is truly beautiful.”

Written by Billy Hallowell of The Blaze
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6 thoughts on “Her Principal Reportedly Told Her That Bible Clubs Are ‘Illegal’ in Public Schools — and Now This Christian Teen Is Fighting Back”
  1. Good for her!!!! Don’t you find it remarkable how folks step all over our rights in order to get their own? Yes, I know this is how it is foretold…still stinks! LOL!

    1. Yes. We know what is/will happen but at times it doesn’t make it any easier for us to take. People can be utterly amazing, IMHO, when it comes to “self-ism”!

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