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The verdict is in! Well, maybe not like you’d expected but here’s some truth.

The powers that be have known the verdict for some time now. How do I know this? Let’s look at the facts.

The government has been known to never let a crisis go to waste. Let’s face it, this story shouldn’t be a national headline when this situation happens almost daily in America, but somehow it has became a story familiar with the entire world. Here are a few examples to look at.


Out of the USA Today
Police mistakely shot a man who had called 911.

VANCOUVER, Wash. — A man who called 911 to report that he had seen a shooting suspect was mistakenly shot by responding law enforcement officers last week, Vancouver police said Tuesday.

The man had told police that he spotted 59-year-old John Kendall on Oct. 31. A manhunt was under way at the time for Kendall, who deputies said had shot his neighbor earlier that morning.

Investigators then confirmed Kendall’s cellphone was in the immediate area according to the Vancouver Police Department.

And from NBC News:
A pregnant 14-year-old U.S. girl was recovering from non-life-threatening wounds after she was shot by police in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas near the U.S. border over the weekend, state prosecutors said. U.S. officials were joining the investigation in the city of Reynosa, the Tamaulipas attorney general’s office said.

The girl, who is four months’ pregnant, was shot Sunday night during a high-speed chase near the border crossing into Pharr, Texas, Attorney General Ismael Quintanilla Acosta said in a statement Tuesday. Neither she nor the fetus are in danger, authorities said.

From the New York Post:
Teen mistakenly gunned down was a ‘perfect son’- An innocent victim who cops say was mistakenly gunned down by a revenge-seeking gangbanger was “the perfect son” — a dedicated student who was working two jobs so he could move his mom out of their crime-ridden Brooklyn neighborhood, the grieving mother said Friday.

Jahzeph Crooks, 19, graduated with honors from Williamsburg Charter High School in 2012 and was attending New York City College of Technology, in addition to working at a Radio Shack in Kings Plaza and a post office in Islip.

“He had so many goals and he always achieved them,” said mom Tosha Adams, 45.

Why aren’t these cases causing such a stir in the nation’s communities? Because Ferguson, Missouri was a chosen situation to ignite the fire.

We have seen everything needed to cause division and take away freedoms and liberty. Everything from hate to racism to violence.

With the actual verdict due any day, we are seeing more of the real agenda expose itself. Here is the latest and the tweet speaks for itself.


It’s clear the establishment is stalling the obvious decision here in the Darren Wilson case. It would seem that they are waiting for the right opportunity to create the most chaos to fit the establishment’s agenda of divide and conquer.

With the holidays approaching and the economy collapsing, this is another tool being used to manipulate the public and divert all attention to a ridiculous case that was hyped up by the mainstream media for obvious reasons. 

My plea for the American people and those in Ferguson, Missouri and in cities near you is, don’t buy into the race baiting and divide and conquer scam by the provocateurs and potential FEDS involved with all the violence that’s planned in Missouri and abroad.


The Obama Administration and all his criminal mafia, including Eric Holder, AL Sharpton want you to fall victim to racial division and racial garbage to decide how we look at relationships.

Daniel Crane
Christian Patriots

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