Texas Rancher: Executive Amnesty Rumors Increasing Immigration

“Every time [Obama] opens his mouth about immigration… there’s a huge negative impact on us that live out here along the border…”


 Ranchers living in Texas’ vast Brooks County are blaming the Obama administration’s amnesty rhetoric for the noticeable increase of illegal immigrants crossing through their lands.

Rancher and Texas Border Volunteers co-founder Dr. Mike Vickers says he’s noticed more trash along footpaths, and has even run across people seeking help.

“We had two groups, Sunday a week ago,” Vickers told KRGV. “Seven of them gave up to me. They were Hondurans and Salvadorans.”

Vickers has witnessed an uptick in empty water bottles along paths around his and other properties, a sign that smuggling routes are being increasingly traversed.

Vickers and his band of volunteers, which aid the U.S. Border Patrol in detaining and apprehending illegals, are prepared to confront yet another wave of immigrants crossing through the county re-invigorated by amnesty chatter.

“My feeling is and the intel that I’m receiving from law enforcement is that we’re going to see a new surge,” Vickers predicts. “A new surge of traffic coming through.”

The spike was also predicted last month when Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson hinted that “the influx could grow again this winter.”

“We believe it is necessary to build more of that capability in the event we have another spike,” DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson said at a Center for Strategic and International Studies meeting in October.

If an increase unfolds, Vickers lays the blame squarely at the Obama administration’s feet, which has for months been circulating rumors regarding a unilateral executive order which would legalize millions of immigrants who entered the United States illegally.

Written by: ADAN SALAZAR – continue at INFOWARS

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