Brent Grommet and Matty, lower right, with their crew in Afghanistan.

After a campaign spurred by talk-radio host Michael Savage, a wounded Army soldier was reunited after 16 months with the Czech German shepherd who helped him hunt buried explosives in Afghanistan.

The Army admitted it had mistakenly allowed the dog, Matty, to be given up for adoption instead of being turned over to his handler, Spc. Brent Grommet. The two were trained in the military’s Tactical Explosive Detection Dog program.

Grommet and Matty were together in Afghanistan when an IED exploded nearby, seriously wounding Grommet, who suffered a spinal injury, hearing loss and post-traumatic stress.


Grommet, 23, had last seen Matty in July 2013 after arriving in New Jersey, where the dog was taken away for processing.

On Friday, Grommet’s father, Don Grommet of DeSoto, Missouri, picked up Matty in South Carolina, where the dog had been adopted, and took him to the soldier’s home base, Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

In an interview Monday with Savage, Don Grommet described the happy reunion.

“He knew Brent immediately. It was just so great, to watch that dog jump all over that young man.”

Don Grommet said his son’s demeanor has brightened since the dog returned, and a limp from his injuries even seems less pronounced.

“My son is laughing, smiling, talking more than he has since he came back from Afghanistan,” Grommet told Savage.

Savage noted Grommet slept on the dog’s crate when they flew back to the U.S. from service in Afghanistan.

Savage described the story as worthy of a movie.

“This dog, Matty, this big, beautiful Czech shepherd, tried to bite his way out of a metal cage. He’s so attached to this man.”

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