The War on Women meme is taking a beating in Missouri, where the number of Republican women serving in the House grew to 23 in this last election:

Missouri House Republicans will enter the next legislative session with more than double the number of women than a decade ago, a development that follows GOP efforts to recruit more female candidates.

The number of Republican women in Missouri’s House has grown to 23 from 11 in 2004. Nine served in 2009, the recent low.

You’d think this would be great for those leading the effort to categorize us all by our genitalia. However, the treasurer and former president of the “Missouri Women’s Political Caucus” worries these “women” aren’t really concerned about “women’s rights,” aka abortion.

Rebecca Richardson, treasurer and former president of the Missouri Women’s Political Caucus, cautioned that having more female Republican lawmakers might work against what Democrats consider women’s rights issues, such as abortion rights.

For example, state Rep. Linda Black of Desloge after her re-election this year switched over to the Republican Party. She cited stronger ties with their values opposing abortion.

Before I get to my next point, I need to point out something regarding the “Missouri Women’s Political Caucus.”

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