Rand Paul: Lawsuit “may be the only recourse”


Former New Jersey Superior Court Judge Andrew Napolitano has called Obama’s planned Executive amnesty “illegal,” while Senator Rand Paul has stated that a lawsuit may be the only way to stop it.

Appearing on Fox’s “The Kelly File” Monday, Napolitano told host Megyn Kelly that Obama would be “playing with constitutional fire,” if he went ahead with a promise to issue on Executive Order on immigration reform.

“When he suspends deportations and when he imposes his own conditions on those suspensions, he is effectively rewriting the law,” Napolitano said.

“And that violates his oath to enforce and uphold the law as it’s been written. The American people, the Congress and the courts need to know that we have a president who will enforce the law. When he says ‘I will not enforce the law because I don’t like it, or I’m impatient,’ that doesn’t wash under the Constitution.” the libertarian analyst added.

Obama has vowed to address immigration reform before the year end in what is now a ‘lame duck’ session.

The judge added that, while the President has “prosecutorial discretion,” he cannot rewrite the law on a whim.

“He can suspend some prosecutions because he wants to reallocate resources. But he cannot suspend a statute,” Napolitano said. “And if he suspends the prosecutions of 5 million human beings under certain conditions that he made up, he is effectively rewriting the statute and the effect of his exercise of his discretion is the opposite of what the law commands.”

Asked at what point he crosses the line, Napolitano answered “When he grossly abuses his discretion.

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