By Michael Savage

On Veteran’s Day, Savage launched a new campaign to reunite a wounded soldier with the military working dog that served with him in Afghanistan. (Free audio.)

The soldier and his family claim that the dog was stolen from them by a higher-ranking officer. Savage asked his listeners to raise the alarm about this miscarriage of justice, and donate to the soldier’s legal fund.

Savage also talked about the Pope’s recent warning that when we “embrace rushing superficiality” and “secularization,” we put ourselves at risk of attracting “demonic forces.”

“There’s no question in my mind that Hollywood is run by the devil,” Savage said. “If Satan exists, he exists in Hollywood.”

“And if he can exist there,” Savage continued, “He can exist in a political system, too.

“To many of us, Obama represents pure evil.” (Free audio.)

Rush Limbaugh

As a public figure, can Rush Limbaugh really be libeled?

In an unprecedented move, the radio host is seeking a “retraction and apology” from the “Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee for what is being termed a ‘false and defamatory’ statement regarding Limbaugh’s on-air discussion about consent for sexual relations.”

As reported in the industry bible, Limbaugh has accused the DCCC of taking some of his on-air comments out of context and using them to solicit support for their organization.

On the air, Limbaugh devoted plenty of time to Obamacare “architect” Jonathan Gruber’s statement that American voters are “stupid.” He also mocked the president’s media lackeys, like Jose DelReal of the Washington Post, for trying to spin Gruber’s gaffe.

“This guy’s trying to get this guy out of a jam and he digs a deeper hole,” Limbaugh pointed out. “But remember, he’s dealing with his own liberal Democrat reader base and they are looking for holes to be dragged out of, so they’ll take anything that they can get.”

Aaron Klein

Klein’s first post-midterm show revealed the ways the “progressive machine” will try to help Obama bypass Congress, using executive action and inter-agency directives.

Klein also conducted an exclusive interview with a former Navy SEAL team leader who was part of the raid that killed Osama bin Laden.

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