Legislation will extend PATRIOT ACT.


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The announcement of an attempt to speed through so called NSA reform legislation in the Senate came as a surprise to many this week. While some rights groups are applauding the effort, Senator Rand Paul says he will not support the bill because it doesn’t go far enough.

The bill, written by Democratic Sen. Patrick Leahy and supported by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), purports to reign in NSA’s ability to monitor the communications of Americans.

However, Paul says it is too weak and notes that it will in fact extend the sunset clause on the Patriot Act, the very legislation under which the NSA has justified mass domestic spying.

“Sen. Paul does not feel that Sen. Leahy’s reforms go far enough. There are significant problems with the bill, the most notable being an extension of the Patriot Act through December 2017,” a Paul aide said Friday.

The aide noted that Paul would consider supporting the legislation only if the Patriot Act provision was removed, and the reforms strengthened to properly restrict the NSA from carrying out bulk collection of Americans’ phone records.

Written by Steve Watson
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