Note: Middle Easterner Shant (purposely not using his last name or nationality for his protection) became a believer in Jesus Christ in 2006. With God leading his every step, Shant has assembled a congregation of nearly 30 believers in his war-torn country and continues to hold services despite the threat of persecution, and perhaps even death. His English is good, but some of his answers have been edited to compensate for his lack of total knowledge for the language.

CN: First and foremost, how did you get saved? Who told you about the gospel of Jesus Christ and when did that happen?

S: Actually, this takes me almost 8 years back when I was a young guy that has been hurt by hard situations within my family. We lost everything and became in need after previously enjoying a rich life. Moving away from that affected me so hard and took from me every hope a young man can have. I developed a porn addiction so early, at the age 6. That was deep inside of me and deeply affected my thinking and my imagination. There was a lot of brokenness in my heart because of what we went through as a family. One night eight years ago as I watching porn and I heard a voice, and incredible one that I could not resist, saying to me change the channel. I did and there was a Christian TV channel and a pastor looking at the screen and talking about a bible verse. At that moment, I felt some power touching me and I started to cry and weep. I did that for quite some time and fell asleep. The next day I woke up and realized that I was a new man. I felt very light and all the heaviness went from my shoulders. I remember that day I was walking on the street and seeing everything from a new point of view.

Written by Shawn Akers
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