Can you say “revenue generation”? No, I’m sorry, this is “catching dangerous criminals” (by first creating a dangerous situation to create someone you can label a criminal first).

Apparently the profession of police officer in America now amounts to little more than, well… What exactly is the word for this?

Entrapment much? Well, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…

Via The Free Thought Project:

Residents of a New Jersey town are disputing a recent trap that police set up for drivers this past Halloween. Last week, an undercover officer was dressed in a giant Donald Duck costume and paced back and forth on the sidewalk and street on a busy road.

Officers would then pull over drivers who failed to yield for the duck, and hit them with $230 traffic tickets. Police issued a whopping 130 tickets that day for a total take of $29,900.00.

It’s like the cops all got together and said, “We really need another way of ripping off the American people we are supposed to be serving and protecting. Gee, I know! Hey Louie, you still have that creepy Donald Duck costume lying around?”

How is this “fighting crime”? An obnoxious guy dresses up as a giant duck and crosses the street over and over and over? If anything, that’s putting himself and anyone driving in that area in danger just to rip people off, which would be the opposite of “protecting” by definition.

Most people see a person cross the street, they think that person is done. They don’t think that person is going to immediately turn around and cross the street ten more times in a row…not to mention the spectacle of a man in a Donald Duck costume acting bizarrely in the crosswalk probably held up traffic to begin with.

Written by Melissa Melton
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