(NaturalNews) The city of Berkeley, Missouri has issued an emergency preparedness alert to its citizens, urging them to stockpile food, water, gasoline, prescription medications and fully-charged cell phones in anticipation of widespread rioting.

The letter, shown below (with h/t to, also urges citizens to have a “contingency plan for picking up your children from school,” warning that roads may be blocked, preventing vehicular traffic from moving. The local airport, says the letter, will be “protected by the National Guard” and curbside drop-offs of luggage will not be allowed.

Local government now following the advice of survivalists and preppers

The content of this letter can only be honestly characterized as a “social chaos survival alert,” and it’s the kind of straight talk the local citizens really need to hear.

The city government of Berkeley Missouri, in other words, is into prepping and survival. Although the letter didn’t go as far as telling people how many days’ worth of food, water and other supplies to store, it has clearly sent a strong message that citizens’ lives may be in danger and that critical infrastructure may be offline.

Riots are expected to take place following the announcement of the grand jury decision regarding the police officer shooting of Michael Brown, an African-American. According to widely-reported rumors, riots are expected to take place regardless of whether the decision indicts the police officer or clears him.

Why all the anger? In the wake of the disastrous economic failures of the Obama administration, African-Americans are reaching a breaking point in terms of frustration with government. They have been largely abandoned by the democrats who are now focused on amnesty for illegal immigrants, and the economic nightmare of joblessness and poverty has only worsened under the Obama regime. The government shooting of a young African-American man — justified or not — may be the pivotal event that causes many angry, frustrated members of the Ferguson community to erupt into violent outrage.

Here’s the letter from the city (with h/t to


Is the city expecting critical services to collapse?

The city’s advice to store water ahead of the anticipated riots is particularly interesting because it implies the city’s water supply may somehow fail.

How bad do riots have to get in order to disrupt the city’s water supply? VERY bad. The letter seems to be anticipating a “Let’s burn this town to the ground” scenario where even municipal water workers are hunkered down in their own homes, terrified of commuting to work because the streets have collapsed into complete chaos and violence.

If that extreme scenario really unfolds, it’s difficult to imagine how police officers, fire fighters, ambulance drivers and 911 dispatchers would get to work, either. Would all these emergency services therefore experience severe outages and interruptions?

Calling 911 might not do any good at all for two reasons: 1) There’s nobody manning the 911 center to take your call, and 2) Even if they could take your call, there are no police to respond to your emergency.

Written by Mike Adams
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  1. Wow, that’s the first time I think I’ve ever seen the government react with that much foresight to anything. I would have thought a giant meteorite on a collision course with Manhattan, or something even bigger was required before this kind of action was rolled out. I’ve got a feeling they know what the verdict is already. Not to be flip or anything, because my prayers are with everyone in the area, but I’m glad I live all the way up here in Canada right now. I’ll be keeping an eye on things down there though, and I thank you for the heads up.

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