Still from youtube video (Shooter Detection Systems)

A Shooter Detection System (SDS) – created with the help of the military and the first of its kind in the US – has been installed in an undisclosed Massachusetts school. The sensor can detect the sound of a gunshot, immediately alerting authorities.

The SDS was installed for free as a pilot program, and had its first demonstration on Veteran’s Day. During a simulated exercise, a “gunman” entered the school with an assault rifle and opened fire using blank ammunition in the school library, in hallways and classrooms.

The shots triggered the smoke-alarm sized sensors installed in classrooms, hallways and other points in the building, which alerted police, calling for a coordinated response via radio. An audience of nearly 100, including US Rep Niki Tsongas and police chiefs from across the region, watched as circles pinpointed the shots on a floor plan projected in the schools’ auditorium.

“It is the responsibility of all of us to make sure our schools are sanctuaries for learning,” Tsongas told Reuters ahead of the demonstration. “From Columbine to Sandy Hook, unspeakable acts of violence have occurred in our schools, and gun violence is now a major concern for our children, our educators and our parents.”

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