Reuters / Eduardo Munoz

Kiev is not fully committed to the ceasefire in eastern Ukraine, Russian deputy UN ambassador Aleksandr Pankin said during Wednesday’s UN Security Council meeting. He added that the Ukrainian military is amassing forces along the front line.

“Throughout the ceasefire period a concentration of Ukrainian troops was observed almost along the entire front line,” Pankin said.

The withdrawal of heavy weapons and tech gear from the front line has not begun, he added.

Kiev’s allegations of the presence of Russian troops and weapons in Ukraine contradict the real situation on the ground, Pankin stated, adding that this misinformation is spread to justify Kiev’s own failures.

Apparently, Kiev’s fear of the self-defense forces is so great that it tries to justify their own failures and massive transfer of personnel and equipment to the front lines by loudly claiming alleged Russian weapons and army,” Pankin explained.

“A more logical explanation is the presence of increasingly fortified positions of the self-defense forces, noted by the OSCE, in the regions that are being increasingly exposed to attacks by security forces.”

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